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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


For the first time since 9/11 (I hate to invoke that day for personal political reasons like so many Republicans, but it's sincere in this case), I feel proud to be an American.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama effectively clinched the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, based on an Associated Press tally of convention delegates, becoming the first black candidate ever to lead his party into a fall campaign for the White House.

I just feel really proud of our country and how far we've come in the last generation. This was a country that historically has been so racist and violent towards African American: slavery, Jim Crow segregation, Civil Rights and Dr. King, to even Jena 6 last year. I just feel almost like a proud parent that has seen his child grow up, drop childish and immature things (or in this case generational, institutionalized hatred) and become a responsible adult before my eyes. I'm proud that we can be the generation to put an end to racism and potentially nominate an African American president. I'm proud of America.
Now let's bring this thing home and try to attempt to amend everything that has gone so terribly wrong during this nightmare of an administration. We've come this far.

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