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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speed Racer IMAX !!!

So I saw Speed Racer in the IMAX theater... twice... in a 24-hour span. It was so cool! Man it's really intense in the IMAX... it's like twice as loud and the screen is huge. It's basically like an amusement park ride that blows your mind and your eyeballs simultaneously.
I really love the Speed Racer cartoon so I'm a bit biased, but I think the movie is so good. It completely rejects the norms of normal "blockbuster" movies. It's basically like a big budget (around $160 million) experiment. It's the first live-action anime movie, and I just think it's really groundbreaking. Yeah, the crazy colors and animation give you a headache occasionally, and it could definitely be 20 minutes shorter, but the pros totally outweigh the cons. I really like the themes of the movie too: family is the most important thing, and don't sell out. It's anti-corporate, independant-leaning message was especially right up my alley.
I bring all this up because this movie is totally bombing at the box office. So many bloggers and critics have been hating on it. It's only grossed $36 million... to put it in perspective, that crappy "What Happens in Vegas" movie with Ashton and Cameron came out the same week as Speed Racer and has made almost $20 million more.
Give it a chance! It's good to get your little-kid on, nahmean? See it in IMAX if you can, it's really dope.

ps. Trixie is so hot... I love her. I need a Trixie in my life.

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Tivius said...


I beatcha' (so far) - I've seen it FOUR times. ^___^

Is it not seriously one of the best, most fiercely awesome movies you have EVER seen?!
Its not just good - its CRAZY good, and all the hater critics out there bombing on it are just mean-hearted spinsters like Captain Hook, with no Make-Believe left ! HA !

The movie is GREAT. So glad to see that you enjoyed it too!!

Keep up the good work!


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