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Monday, April 21, 2008

How bad do they suck now?

Umm this is supposedly the cover of the new Weezer album. In a truly creative stroke of artistic inspiration, the album is cleverly called "The Red Album". You know, like the earlier "Blue Album" and "Green Album", back when people still cared about Weezer. Weezer jumped the shark awhile ago now, but it's pretty sad how far they've fallen. I was actually embarrassed while listening to their last album, "Make Believe", alone in my car after it came out and I quickly destroyed any evidence of that album in my collection.
Weezer are so embarrassing now that it's somewhat hard to listen to their earlier records now. They almost carry a taint now that can't be washed off. I only ever liked their first two albums anyways but now I don't even want to play their songs on Rock Band. Are there any bands that suck so bad now that their earlier enjoyable works are ruined for you? Holla at your boy.

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