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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Something's Fishy

So this is Lil' Wayne and his label-head, mentor, and "father-figure" (who Weezy actually calls his 'Dad') kissing on the lips. The hip-hop community has been running wild with this photo for over a year now; Weezy tried to quit the rumors by addressing this on his album "Da Drought 3" by saying
"Damn right, I kissed my daddy. I think they pissed at how rich my daddy is. I'm his kid, I stunt with my daddy. So diss me and don't diss my Daddy, 'cuz who was there when no one wasn't? Just my daddy. Who was there when I needed money? Just my daddy. So who be there when I see the money? Just my daddy, Who said I'd be the one? Just my daddy, Hello hip-hop I'm home, it's your daddy."
Hip-Hop is such a homophobic and masculine subculture, I can't imagine a tough guy like Lil' Wayne calling another grown man his "Daddy" and kissing him on the lips, call me crazy. I love Lil' Wayne, dude is the best rapper alive, but I just think there is something a little fishy going on with his relationship with Birdman.

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