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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Belated Best Albums of 2007 pt. 1

I'm an incredible procrastinator. I've been meaning to write this for a couple weeks and I've been putting it off. Well better late than never...

Best "Headphone Masterpiece/ 'Pet Sounds' version 2.0" Album:
Panda Bear "Person Pitch"

Panda Bear's Noah Lennox created 2007 most beautiful album. Without his Animal Collective brethren to distort or disrupt his vision (I'm looking at you, Avey Tare. I want my money back for "Pullhair Rubeye", or at least a non-backwards version) Panda Bear was left to create a gorgeous bedroom-pop album that I can only hope is his "teenage symphony to God". Just listen to "Ponytail" and try not to smile. Or that you weren't slipped something on "Take Pills".

Best "Prince-in-his-Prime Genius Who's Probably Also Crazy" Album:
Lil Wayne "Da Drought 3"

Weezy F. Baby (please say the baby) is on fire right now. I've never seen a MC with this much love and dedication to his craft. Although he hasn't yet blessed us with his highly anticipated "Tha Carter 3", this double (DOUBLE!!) album "mixtape" showcased Wayne at the top of his game... he is, after all, the best rapper alive.
This is the equivalent of Wayne's skill on the mic

I also have the feeling that he is also crazy... but a good, productive crazy, like Prince. And not since Prince's heyday has someone been so someone been so versatile, so inventive and so unique with his talent... and so alone at the top.

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yes! i'm so excited you started your blog. its off the chain. can i get a woot woot?

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